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Victorian Disability Services (Ngo) Agreement 2019

In 2019, we are transferring public housing for the disabled and break services to 5 non-governmental providers: we are working with providers to implement the roadmap to help people with disabilities, families and employees make transfers and know how to ask questions. The Victorian Disability Service (NGO) Agreement 2019 (MEA) has been approved by the Fair Work Commission and you have a new enterprise agreement! HaCSU had been concerned about the cuts of our members for a long time and was fighting hard for conditions. Many employers have started talking about terminating old business contracts and awarding the SCHADS Modern award, which would have resulted in a significant reduction in your terms and conditions. To see a copy of the agreement, click here: But with the support of former Fair Labour Commissioner Julius Roe and some proactive employers, we were able to develop a fair agreement for our members, which preserves many old requirements for existing employees as well as new and better conditions. The industrial agreement is a sectoral package that depends on the Victorian government`s transitional funding to cover the one-time costs for Victoria and support a skilled and stable workforce for the future. Any guaranteed funding should be limited to employers who are parties to the MEA. There may be limited exceptions for some employers who have recently entered into individual enterprise agreements and are committed to meeting the minimum standards set by the MEA, but no agreement has yet been reached. In interviews and workshops, we have defined the strict conditions for transfer. This process also helped determine the evaluation criteria we used to measure and verify the quality of the suppliers selected to provide services. If your organization employs support staff as part of a housing assistance staff agreement or a day worker agreement, the MEA should help you move to employment agreements that are more suited to the NDIS environment. The proposed MEA also has benefits that employers who employ support agents under the SCHADS award should benefit from. Since 2016, we have been designing the transfer with a co-design process.

During this time, we worked with people with disabilities, their families, their service providers and our employees. This agreement was only reached by union members like you, who intervened and fought for a better deal – good for all members for your hard work, you did a good job! These services are also called Supported Independent Living and Short Term Accommodation and Assistance. We used strict criteria to evaluate these suppliers. We have ensured that they meet our quality and safety requirements and have shared our commitment to people with disabilities and staff. The shortlisted bidders were then assessed more generally as part of a tendering process in 2018. Before any transfer can take place, we ask suppliers to prove that they are willing to provide services.