The Four Agreements Book Canada

I may not understand this kind of genre, but I found the book hard to hear. The narrator was flat, almost monotonous. And I kept getting myself to sleep. This book is a little Woo Woo, not bashing at all, but I could see how hard it is to get by for someone who doesn`t agree with this stuff. The basis of the four agreements is strong and so important. Beyond the Woo Woo New Agey Tone of the book are four tenants who are so important and vital to success personally and professionally. The four chords are simple and easy to follow and will serve you well in life. What is the idea of the book you will remember? I am amazed by this book. Everyone should read it for their personal development.

I won`t stop listening to him! It`s definitely a life-changing book. I am still young and I was told it would be a good book to read. There is no storyline, which is a new experience for me. Don`t say anything bad about this book – although if I could, I could talk forever about the quality of this book. (: Explore your book, then go straight back to the point where you stopped Flip page. If you want to take your life to the next step, please read this book. In a simple, yet complex way, you can understand your life and learn to share knowledge with others. You don`t have to agree with the religious conclusions of this book to find the content very useful, I`ve heard it many times, and I just can`t get enough of it, this book is about the fact that we were domesticated in our childhood for different things. How do our words influence our perception? I recommend this book! This book was absolutely excellent. I listen to it many times and I always receive something different and inspiring. The images and the way he writes are no different. I have PTSD, not epileptic seizures and I am in a wheelchair.

That`s how life has only been for me for two years. I was an enthusiastic reader before my injury, but I can`t concentrate long enough to get through a chapter. Audible gave me a way to reclaim my love of books 📚. #Audible1. Don Miguel gave me the opportunity to embrace life, to see things from a different perspective, to accept them and to be truly happy with the hope of here and today.