Surrogacy Agreement Format

The purpose of any surrogacy process should be to protect the baby and his or her interests. While the legal process may seem scary, it is worth putting in the time and effort and working with an experienced lawyer who can create a strong legal surrogacy contract. Surrogacy contracts found online are generally short-sighted and generic. They generally do not take into account the individual needs and circumstances of each party, and they certainly do not cover all possible outcomes and variables that could influence the course of the surrogacy agreement. This can lead to extreme legal consequences and an increased chance of disputes and misunderstandings between surrogates and intentional parents. In the absence of a strong legal contract, there is virtually no protection for the surrogate mother, parents or child. If the surrogacy contract is complete and correct, it can help to limit disputes and misunderstandings, while protecting all those involved in the surrogacy process: intentional parents, surrogates and especially the baby. The surrogacy contract is one of the most important parts of any surrogacy process. The contract makes the entire surrogacy journey, with the rights, roles and responsibilities of each party clearly defined before, during and after pregnancy. Each surrogacy contract is slightly different, based on government surrogacy laws and the individual needs and circumstances of each party. Some surrogate mothers and intentional parents think it would be more convenient to simply download a surrogacy contract online. Although there are many sites that offer free downloads of surrogacy contracts, it is never advisable to try the surrogacy agreement without proper legal representation and advice. There are many variables and “what if” scenarios in surrogacy that need to be addressed in the contract.

It is important to consider all possible outcomes and work with an experienced lawyer who knows what she needs to pay attention to in the contract. You`ll learn more about the process of drafting and negotiating the contract and find advice on what to pay attention to in your own surrogacy contract. The surrogacy agreement should be a cooperative effort, with each party and its respective counsel contributing to the conditions provided for. In general, each surrogacy contract should cover the following: Developing a surrogacy contract is a difficult matter and only experienced lawyers should attempt such a task. However, your lawyer needs your input when developing an agreement that matches your wishes.