Software License Agreement Limited Warranty

Subject to the provisions in force, the Company assures the original purchaser that, if used in an unchanged manner and in the manner indicated in the documentation, the products (excluding software components) are free for a period of one (1) year following the date of the product`s shipment and operate essentially in accordance with the documentation. If the entity receives a defect in a material product covered by the aforementioned physical warranty, the company, at its choice, repairs the product concerned at no additional cost or replaces it with a substantially equivalent product. If the company is unable to repair the non-compliance in a guaranteed condition or provide a substantially equivalent replacement within an economically reasonable time, it will refund the initial purchase price on the return of the product. All replacement products provided under this restricted hardware warranty may be new, obsolete or contain outdated materials. Software licensing agreements often contain limited commitments regarding the quality of software conceded and offer the customer limited corrective action when the software is defective. Clients should understand these provisions and consider risk management through other contractual rights and prudent business practices. 2.6 Assessment License. This section only applies if you have licensed for a first evaluation period. The license is only valid for the indicated evaluation period and will allow you to evaluate the product during that period. If you wish to enter into a longer-term licensing agreement with Check Point, you can apply for a Check Point license key that, if provided, allows you to use the product after this evaluation period, but only provided that all the terms of this Agreement apply.

If at the end of such an evaluation period you do not enter into a licensing transaction with Check Point or if Check Point prevents you from terminating discussions regarding a license transaction, your rights under that contract will expire and you will immediately return to Check Point or destroy all copies of the product. To get the benefits of the above limited warranties, you need to follow the process documented in the Xclaim Warranty Guidelines, which contains instructions for obtaining a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number. These guidelines are available at: The RMA process ensures that the company is ready to diagnose or receive the product in question.