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Sinclair Community College Articulation Agreements

Kate Geiselman, President and English Teacher Wright State is working with the Ohio Department of Education to create additional access agreements for a large number of majors. If the program you`re interested in isn`t listed below, check how to add paths as soon as they`re available. To explore the OGTP trails based on the academic centre of gravity, select a link below. View a list of participating community colleges where you start your studies. Once you have completed all the required courses at the university level, you will be transferred without being able to do so to Wright State in order to pass the final courses necessary for your bachelor`s degree. We are pleased to welcome you to the Wright State community. We have some tips to make your transfer process easier. To increase accessibility and accessibility for university education, Wright State and Sinclair are proposing the Wright Path Partnership Program. Visit our Community College Partnership Preview page to learn more about the benefits of the Wright Path program. Sinclair College offers more than 250 degrees and certification programs, as well as technical and specialized fields. Over the past four years, more than 15,000 students have received their registration information from Sinclair.

Sinclair has its main branch in downtown Dayton as well as regional centres in Englewood, Huber Heights, Mason and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Sinclair transfer contracts with Wright State in 56 different study areas and other agreements with any public university in Ohio. From spring 2017 to spring 2019, approximately 950 students moved from Sinclair to Wright State. Founded in 1887, Sinclair plays basketball, volleyball, softball and other sports. For more information about the university, visit Wright State is in the process of modifying articulation agreements and transfer guides in Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways. Please contact your advisor if you have any questions about your transfer plan. Information on OGTP paths will serve as a guide. Please work with your Community College and Wright State Advisors to ensure that you meet all admission and education requirements. This is the most important part of the partnership program. Staying on track while you graduate is the key to your academic success.

After an articulation agreement or equivalency guide for your major, maximize your transfer credits. Ask your academic advisor to help you create an individualized pathway or check out the articulation agreements (transfers) available in several areas of study. It is important to work with your advisor at Sinclair. Let them know that you are in the partnership program with Wright State, that you are considering using a articulation agreement and that you intend to transfer to Wright State.