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Riyadh Agreement

All parties will benefit politically from the reactivation of the Riyadh agreement. President Hadi benefits because the STC maintains an agreement that explicitly recognizes his camp as Yemen`s only internationally legitimate government. And although the STC must step away from self-administration, it gets to place one of its own in the Aden governor`s seat and will join Hadi`s side in final UN-led negotiations with the Houthis. This is probably the best thing both sides can hope for, as neither side has been able to defeat the other on the southern battlefield. The first two Riyadh agreements are full of references to the stability and security of the GCC member states, the signatory states. It was only in the third agreement that Egypt, which is not a member of the GCC, was mentioned for the first time, although the Quartet claimed that the references made to the Muslim Brotherhood in previous agreements related to the situation in Egypt. However, Egypt has not signed one of the three agreements, nor is Egypt a GCC member state. The STC also won a major political victory in consolidating the military defeat it inflicted on government forces in the first round of confrontations in August 2019, and secured control of three provinces (Aden, Lahj and Dhalea). The STC is now a full partner in the Hadi government and is recognized by the agreement and its sponsors as the strongest of the political units in the South. The agreement in this sense is a qualitative change for the STC, which it ultimately plans to separate or lead the South as a fully autonomous region as part of a comprehensive political solution. Qatar and the Quartet are involved in an important battle of words over how to characterize the Quartet`s action: according to Qatar, these are illegal “measures”; According to the Quartet, they are authorized “counter-measures.” Although the Riyadh agreements talk in all of the commitments to be made, they say little about the remedies available in case of infringement. The first and third, paragraphs 2 and 2, say nothing at all (except in the event of a violation of one of the three agreements); Second, the second states that “if each GCC country does not comply with this mechanism, it has the right to take all appropriate measures to protect their security and stability if other GCC countries do not participate in this mechanism.” According to the text of the Riyadh agreements, any reaction to an alleged offence must therefore be “appropriate” and be based on the “security and stability” of the country.

CAIRO (Reuters) – Separatists in southern Yemen have suspended their participation in consultations on a power-sharing agreement in the south known as the Riyadh Agreement, according to a statement from the Southern Transitional Council (STC) on Tuesday. Riyadh`s second agreement was stylized as a “mechanism for implementing the Riyadh agreement.” This agreement reiterated the requirements of the first agreement on media operations, the Muslim Brotherhood and regional security; a mandate that the foreign ministers of each GCC member state give each year to ensure compliance with the rules and for each state to take “appropriate action” in response; In addition, the parties were obliged to hold “immediate meetings” on the internal security of GCC states, if warranted. Finally, “if each GCC country does not comply with this mechanism, other GCC countries will have the right to take appropriate measures to protect their security and stability.” The six GCC foreign ministers all signed the document on April 17, 2014 and came into force immediately.