Pet Rental Agreement Oregon

Part of the controversy comes from semantics. There seems to be a hypothesis that owners charge rents for pets to compensate for the potential damage a pet may cause. This assumption ignores the fact that pet owners are a hot commodity, as more than half of tenants want pets, but there is less pet-friendly rents. Landlords can legally charge higher rents to tenants who have pets, and Straub says the typical rent increase is $10 to $20 per month. In the past, owners have often charged between $200 and $300 in non-refundable pet fees, and many homeowners still use leases with a language that is ahead of the legislative changes. Rental contracts can still be very detailed on acceptable pet sizes, age, numbers, breeds and behaviours (such as noise and aggression) and set penalties for unauthorized pets. (Sneak in this cute kitten and it could cost you.) Due to the fact that so many potential tenants have pets, there is a much larger pool to choose from, which increases your chances of choosing a large tenant. Animal-friendly rents attract a large number of tenants, so landlords can spend less time and money advertising and marketing their property. You will often find better quality and longer tenants. (c) A lessor may charge a tenant an amount for a violation of a written pet contract or pet regulations of up to $50 for each violation. [1997 c.304 No. 2; 2001 approximately 596 no.

35b; 2003 c.378 no. 17] 100-year flood zone: If a rental unit is in a 100-year flood zone, homeowners are required to report it. If this is not the case and the tenant suffers uninsured damages, the landlord may be liable for the actual damage or two months` rent. (Or Rev. Stat. This article is supposed to be an online resource for Oregon homeowners. We summarize the main laws of Oregon of the Order of Earth that are best applicable to housing units. Copy of rent: must be indicated within 15 days of the execution of the rental agreement. (Oregon Civ. Code No. 1962 (4)) Another clause that you can include is the limitation of the number, size, breed, type or other qualifications for pets in your building.

Be aware of the types of pets you want and include them in your rental agreement. If you need a rental agreement, Burbz offers an online rental agreement in Oregon. The tenant waives its landlord-tenant rights or remedies laws – Tenants to pay liquidated damages – Tenant must decide on a debt of the lease – Tenants limited to all liabilities landlords Make sure that your lease is well written and that expectations are clearly defined to collect these fees. A good way to promote a better owner-tenant relationship and higher returns is that your tenants have pets. Whether you charge a pet deposit, pet fees, pet leasing or nothing more, it will increase your chances of getting a successful rental.