Paid Parental Leave Enterprise Agreement

Kerry works part-time, four days a week. After the birth of her child, she uses her first 12 weeks of PLP while on parental leave from work. After the 12 weeks, Kerry returns to work in the hope of gaining access to a flexible PLP. Kerry and her employer agree that they will work 2 days a week and use flexible PLPs for the other 2 days. They also agree that when their flexible PLP expires, it will return to 4 days of work per week. Kerry takes his flexible PLP for 2 days a week for the next 15 weeks – a total of 30 days. She then returns to work 4 days a week, as agreed with her employer. After 12 weeks of PLP, Jane returns to work and enters into an agreement with her employer to work 3 days a week. Jane has asked the Australian government to get a flexible PLP during the 2 days a week when she is not working. The Australian government pays its flexibility for 15 weeks, for a total of 30 days.

38.14. The officer may benefit from these benefits as personal leave, as a personal leave provided for in point 36 (Personal Leave). The best leave of absence from the policy is good for both employers and workers. They help employees cope with their transition to the world of work by clarifying requirements and expectations. They also help employers ensure that valued employees feel attracted, preserved and valued. Employers with good practices have a practical parental leave policy, practical, flexible and tailored to the specific circumstances of the company and its employees. Employers who act in according best practice go beyond their minimum legal obligations and strive to implement initiatives that benefit their business and their employees. One week to start immediately after a paid partnership leave 38.8. The officer who accepts or provides permanent care for a child and is the legal parent and primary caregiver of that child is entitled to parental leave of up to 52 weeks, as shown in the following table: 38.12. Paid parental leave is granted at the officer`s material salary.

Any temporary reduction in the share of pregnancy is not taken into account.