Irora Agreement

5. Can I enter into a refund agreement for monthly payments if I am currently eligible for unemployment insurance benefits? If an overpaid applicant is currently eligible for unemployment insurance benefits, the automated payment system applies all IU payments to current debt when these payments are released. The only weekly/bi-weekly benefits that are applied to the debt are those that are defined to be payable as soon as the Telecert is deposited by the applicant. This program does not systematically allow an applicant to obtain IU benefits in the event of prepayment. The Telecerts still need to be submitted so that their debts can be reduced by these current benefits. 4. What is a refund agreement? If it is determined that an applicant is overpaid, he or she is informed by mail of the overpayment. This notice includes a refund agreement indicating the total amount owed and the monthly amount of reimbursement acceptable to the Agency. If the proposed minimum amount does not agree with the applicant, they can indicate the proposed monthly payment, sign the form and send it to that agency. They are informed if their proposal is accepted and the information will be taken into account on the monthly accounts of the payment.

What happens if, in another country, I have overpaid unemployment insurance benefits and I apply for unemployment insurance in Maryland? Maryland is part of the Interstate Reciprocal Overpayment Recovery Arrangement (IRORA), under which participating states collect additional payments for each other. If you have applied for Maryland unemployment insurance and Maryland is invited by another state to help them with your debts, Maryland will intercept all rights to the Maryland IU for which you file Telecerts and send them to that requesting state. All questions, remedies or other repayment terms relating to the debts of that state must be dealt with by you with the other state. 2. Why am I overpaid? See the question and the answer above. An applicant is informed of a notification of the setting of benefits and/or notification of the overpayment of benefits and explains the section of the law, the weeks concerned of the benefits claimed and the amount of the overpayment. 14. How can I contact the Maryland Central Collection Unit (CCU)? 300 West Preston Street, Room 500 Baltimore, MD 21201-2365 410-767-1220 1-800-705-3493 Automated Payment System (requires CCU debtor and account number to use the system) – 1-833-847-9876 15.

What other means are available if I am not eligible/disqualified for unemployment insurance benefits? All IU applicants must register with Maryland American Employment Centers. Trained counsellors can help you with research and training. 3. Can I challenge overpayment? You can`t overpay; The issue that causes overpayment can only be appealed. 8. What is unemployment insurance fraud? If you knowingly make false statements, present or do not give important facts to obtain or increase the benefits of the IU, you may find that you have committed fraud at the IU. If you make an honest mistake when submitting your claim, notify a person responsible for the damage as soon as you discover the error, in order to avoid penalties: 11. If I have overpaid unemployment insurance benefits because I work part-time, I had no unreported income less than my weekly IU benefit and it was found to be a fraud, why do I have to pay back the full weekly amount and not just the portion? If it is established that you committed fraud at the IU, you will be punished for the entire week of the IU advantage. A non-fraud overcompensation may be a benefit entitlement for a part-time week. 10. What is a scam? If you are determined to have committed fraud at the IU, you may be fined $1,000 or be incarcerated, or both. In addition, you will be excluded from receiving future IU benefits for a calendar year.