Education Institute Franchise Agreement

Joining the VEIS franchise is now the best option to start your own business, contact us today! (c) be acquired by an identical or similar company to the Personal Training Institute (regardless of the form of the transaction), even if the other company is active, franchised companies and/or licenses of competitive companies in the exclusive territory; and (d) the franchisor contributes to the fund for each company-specific fitness centre, calculated as a percentage of the gross turnover of this fitness centre, as it is usually provided by the fitness centre`s funds within the system; and CONSIDERING that, in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, the franchisee wishes to acquire a franchise for the use of the system and trademarks in the location described in Schedule “B” and that the franchisee has had a full and appropriate opportunity to fully inform himself about the terms of that contract, through a lawyer of his choice, and that he has the commercial experience and financial ability to manage a fitness centre; and 7.2 Products and services. On request and at the franchisee`s expense, the franchisor provides the franchisee, for the duration of this contract, with one of the following services and products: which it then offers to other franchisees and under the same conditions: a training program to the satisfaction of the franchisor (after giving the franchisee the option to appoint a replacement manager), the franchisor may terminate this contract pursuant to Section 13.1 and reimburse the franchisee for one-third of the initial franchise fee paid by the franchisee taking into account the franchisee`s time, effort and costs for the implementation of the initial training. Franchisor may, at its sole discretion, offer additional or refreshing training programs at a time when franchisors and franchisees are mutually acceptable. Franchisees must then pay the day-to-day training fee for each of the franchisor agents participating in this additional or more refreshing training, in addition to the franchisor reimbursement for all expenses of these representatives, including travel, accommodation and meals. (b) such advice, ongoing advice and assistance, individual or collective, which personally provide, by weekly correspondence (electronic or otherwise), quarterly field visits or regular telephone or written communications, provided from time to time to all franchisees of the system, as the franchisor deems necessary or appropriate to assist the franchisee in meeting the requirements of the system. Such ongoing consultation may include topics such as products and services to be offered to customers, improvements and developments in the operation of a fitness centre, pricing, administration, accounting, accounting and inventory control, as well as the franchisee`s operating problems; CONSIDERING that franchisees are not aware of the statements made by Franchisor, its executives, its directors, shareholders or representatives on the franchise proposed below, on franchisor franchises or on its franchising programs and directives that contradict the statements made by franchisor`s UFOC or the terms of that agreement; and (g) franchisor pays an annual tax of 25 (25%) Percentage of the original deductible fees in effect at the time to cover franchising costs a result of pocket and legal fees; and In the event that Franchisor initiated Franchisor`s e-commerce program, franchises have the opportunity to participate in the program, provided the franchisee is reputable under this agreement and any other agreement with franchisors or franchise partners.