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Course Licensing Agreement

Global Learning Courseware, its directors, employees or agents are not responsible for direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of training equipment. By approving this license agreement, the buyer undertakes to compensate, defend and keep global Learning Courseware unscathed from and against all claims. Based on the subscription fees you or an institution paid on your behalf, Yukon Group, Inc. (hereafter “Rapid™ Course,” “we” or “we”) grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license in connection with its external content providers and the right to use the unlimited course within your organization. This license does not extend outside the organization of the recordings. This licence applies only to the course presented and does not extend to individual elements of the course other than the course. The licensed course or courses and all the supports of it that have been developed below, as well as all copies of the licensee are the property and the final title remains held by the licensee. All applicable rights to patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets as defined in the Illinois State common law in the (s) authorized course (s) or any change made either to the licensee`s application in accordance with paragraph 12 below, or at the discretion of the licensee, are and will remain in the licensee. Subject to the licensee`s right to distribute the companies covered in paragraph 1 to related companies, the taker may not sell, transfer, publish, disclose, display or make available the licensees to other parts of the license or other copies of them. The licensee undertakes to secure and protect the courses and all modules, products, documents and copies licensed in a manner consistent with the maintenance of the licensee`s rights in this area, and to take appropriate measures by instruction or agreement with its collaborators or consultants who have access to each to fulfil its obligations under this contract.

All copies made by the licensee of licensed courses and other courses developed under these subsections, including translations, compilations, partial copies containing modifications and updated works, are the property of the licensee. The licensee may modify the course or courses granted for its own use, as the taker deems appropriate. The licensee may not use any of the courses granted to develop other information, documents, materials or resources to be marketed or sold to third parties in competition with the licensed courts or licensees. Violation of a provision of this paragraph forms the basis for the immediate termination of that agreement. (l) The licensee is not required to modify the course or courses granted during this contract to match new devices or equipment, to modify or add additional functions, unless the parties agree on this point, and for the additional fees and payments and other conditions that the parties agree in writing.