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Breeding Loan Agreement

Q: We recently participated in the acceptance of bird pairs as breeding loans. The owners of the birds are ready to sign a contract so that all parties are protected. Is there some kind of standard agreement? We are concerned that when we write the agreement, we will lose some important points. We do not ultimately want enemies with the owner over a misunderstanding that should have been agreed in writing. If you wish to take a horse on a rental basis, you must not accept a horse that does not have a valid and current passport. Make sure that the name of the owner, whose horse you lend, is the current registered owner. For a loan to work well, both parties must agree on their responsibilities and ensure that all contingencies are planned, especially what will happen when the loan expires unexpectedly. We strongly discourage a written agreement. Make sure the agreement is acceptable to both parties; Don`t agree with something if you don`t intend to put it into practice or if you don`t agree. A loan contract is an important way to reduce risk and protect the owner, the loan player and, of course, the horse.

The loan can be beneficial for both the borrower and the owner. Buying a horse or ponies can be expensive so many people are looking to borrow a horse instead because it takes away the initial cost, but with many of the same tasks as owning a horse. The loan is a less durable deal than buying and it can be a fantastic first step to having your own horse. When a stallion is sold or leased with stored frozen sperm, an agreement must be reached at the time of sale between the seller and the buyer for the future issuance of cover certificates. For more detailed information on the procedure and the right example contract – Going to the DETERMINING CONTROL OF COVERING RIGHTS or the rights to use Doses of SEMEN WHEN YOU SELL OR LEASE A STALLION A: Too often, the lack of details or missing points in a written breeding contract will cause extreme penalties to all concerned. The old adage “good contracts make good friends” applies mainly to breeding contracts. The May/June issue of Bird Breeder contained an excellent article (“Written Contracts in Aviculture, by Lawrence T. Ring”) on this subject, as well as a standard contract. As explained in the article, there are many details that may vary from contract to contract depending on the individual needs of the parties involved. Some of the most common questions that arise, as well as some of the most frequently overlooked things are the following.