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Boat Charter Agreement Forms

Political Rain Date: Al Vento is capable of sailing rain or shine, and offers a protected cabin space for all guests. In the event of extreme or adverse weather conditions, Charter Party and NBC may agree to agree to reschedule no later than the day before the charter. In this case, NBC will find another day to reschedule the charter, or will offer a full refund minus a 10% tax for private charter and $20 per person for a public charter. Cancellation policy: If a charter is cancelled more than four weeks before the scheduled Date of the Charter Party, the charter party will be refunded in full, minus a cancellation fee of $100. If the charter party cancels its sailing between two weeks and four weeks, the charter party receives a full refund minus 10% of the charter amount. If the charter party announces its sailing less than two weeks before its date, all funds paid by the charter expire, unless Nyack Boat Charter reserves another charter that day. If another party to the charter uses this date and period for a larger amount or amount of money, the original charter portion will be reimbursed in full, net of the $100 cancellation fee. This online customer verification form allows you to quickly collect and organize the customer information you need for future purposes. Use this use to simply track the names of tenants, the duration on the site and whether they have breached a rental agreement. Damage: If a member of the charter party causes damage to one of the boats, Nyack Boat Charter will assess the damage and assess the repair costs. NBC will consult with the Charter Party before the credit card fee is applied. COVID-19 The charter party must ensure that it has followed safe social withdrawal practices at least in the past four weeks and is in good health. If, for some reason, the charter is not certain that he is in good health, he must inform the master.

The lease form is a document that is filled out by the landlord and tenant. It contains information about tenants and landlords, property details and rental information such as monthly rent, rent start and end date, and there are electronic signing fields for landlords and tenants to sign the contract form. This Farm Land Lease Form allows information to be collected specifically for the purpose of establishing an agricultural lease between the landowner and the tenant. For landowners, it exists in form to determine the size of the land that is allowed for rent. This may allow the landowner to lease the land to different tenants at the same time as certain services. The master reserves the right to cancel any charter if he considers the weather to be a threat to the safety of passengers. Charter Party accepts that the yacht is used exclusively as a pleasure boat for the exclusive and correct use of the respective parts for the duration of the charter. Charter Party shall not carry or ship goods, a weapon or a controlled narcotic or dangerous substance (commonly known as “drugs”), or carry or authorize goods carrying or retaining a derus or other government on board in the Yacht`s Enzise at any time. Charter Party must respect the law in all respects.

Charter Party accepts all terms of the separate version of Boating/Sailing Liability Release, which is considered an integral part of this agreement and this contract. . Excluding liability, damages, taking risks THIS FORME IS STRICTLY FOR USE ON OUR LEASING SITE WEB/ The car rental checklist form collects the pick-up location, pickup date, information on the type of vehicle, allows additional requests and provides the necessary contact information. A come option form to use for ideas, where an event must take place, where the venue is the type of event, provide fees and payment information, select indoor and outdoor equipment and obtain contact information for the event venue.