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Amazon Credit Agreement

1.3 Our role. Amazon Payments Europe.c is located at 38 J.F. Kennedy Avenue, L-1855 Luxembourg and is registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register under the number B153265. We are authorised by the Financial Sector Supervisory Commission 283, Arlon Road, L-1150 Luxembourg as an Electronic Money Institution, license number 36/10. With the exception of our limited role in processing payments for you, we are not involved in an underlying sales transaction between the distributor and the buyer. You authorize us to hold, receive and pay electronic funds and funds in accordance with your payment instructions (subject to the terms of this Agreement). In this limited capacity, we are not buyers or sellers of the goods or services you have put up for sale, and we are not parties to the sales contract. Subject to Section 3.5, we will not settle disputes between you and the purchasers, nor will we force or execute the execution of a sales contract. You are the seller of the registration for all sales through the service. Our partner will be displayed on a buyer`s card (as described below) (which can also display your business or company name depending on our choice). The buyer`s obligation to pay for an item purchased through the service is fulfilled if the buyer pays us correctly through the full service for that item. We are not agents, no agents of the buyer, nor you.

We do not accept deposits or we spend credits. We may use the services of one or more third parties, related companies, processors and/or financial institutions to provide the service and process transactions (a “processor” each). We may outsource certain services, including the services required by existing legislation to combat money laundering and in relation to information technology and internal audit functions; processors and their subcontractors based in European Economic Area Member States, United Kingdom, India, Costa Rica, China, Japan, the Philippines, the United States of America and any other country in which an Amazon Payments affiliate is established, and you agree that administrators and their subcontractors may access personal or non-personal data and, if applicable, provide information about your customer account, including account data and factual data. In addition, in order for buyers to make purchases with you, we may, in some cases, pass on certain information such as your name, reseller category code and URL to a buyer`s payment service provider. To provide the service, we or our processor can debit or credit your money in electronic money, your card or your bank account that you have registered with us (your “bank account”) for the use of the service (if any).