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Aircraft Purchase Agreement Uk

If you buy your plane through a broker, they can also offer to arrange financing. If you use such a service, make sure you understand the conditions and administrative costs they can add or re-edit that they may receive. You can get better direct trade. The CAA allows all amateur aircraft. Access to certification is carried out either by the CAA, which conducts a direct inspection of the aircraft, or through the BMAA or the AEA, which conducts the investigation on its behalf, for certain types of simpler aircraft. At the end of the BMAA or LAA survey, CAAs issue authorization on the basis of their recommendation. This clause defines the agreement to sell the seller of the aircraft and the consent of the buyer to purchase the aircraft and may relate to one or more aircraft. As a general rule, the sale and purchase agreement states that the aircraft must be sold on a condition “how, where is” and depends on the compliance of each party with certain conditions which, on the whole, are labelled as follows: planes permanently imported from third countries are freely operated in the EU when all import procedures are met and all duties, taxes or equivalent taxes have not been paid and have not been refunded. Flight planes previously exported from the EU and likely, under certain conditions, to be rerouted to the EU for the return of goods, see Communication 236. For general requests for aircraft imports, please contact the National Advisory Service on 03000 200 3700. In the case of non-commercial operation of aircraft with an MTOM of 2,700 kg or less, the minimum height of passenger insurance must not be less than SDR 100,000 per passenger. In all other cases, the minimum amount of personal insurance should not be less than 250,000 SDR per passenger.

If your EASA aircraft is operating with an engine beyond the TBO or is older than the permitted years, you should only be limited to private use. Information on the operation of a “conditional” aircraft is available in CAP 747. See section 3.1. Note that the 3 2017/01 edition still refers to the 2009 ANO and the concept of “air work.” Neil Peacock, Principal Airworthiness Surveyor at CAA, responded to a specific request from AOPA; “I understand that “air work” is now read as a “commercial operation,” the intent of GR 24 is still valid.” A manufacturer must consider that an aircraft can be used in a number of environments and operating conditions, perhaps outdoors, perhaps in arctic, coastal or desert conditions, with a pattern of supposed use. But your plane can be stored in a hot hangar and fly only 50 hours a year, so maintenance requirements may not be that demanding. The level of airworthiness achieved both by design and during the construction process is variable and, for this reason, the CAA considers it inappropriate to designate an A C for such an aircraft. However, the CAA will consider issuing a flight authorization in accordance with the requirements of BCAR A3-7 or B3-7 as an alternative if we are satisfied that the BCAR A3-7 or B3-7 criteria are met. If your plane is or is mortgaged, you can enter a new aircraft mortgage in the registry.

For more information, please visit the UK CAA website. The owner of the aircraft may delegate the above tasks to an organization approved as the Continuation Aircraft Management Organization (OMB) or Aircraft Association (CAO). An amateur aircraft may not be eligible for the issuance of an airworthiness certificate, as it would not have been designed and built in its entirety by a duly qualified organization, as it did by: While there might be some liability for the company as the owner of the aircraft, a properly developed agreement would provide for the right of the company to demand compensation or compensation from the culprits.