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In Zak’s free time he loves to play hockey, cycle, and spend time with his daughter and Marie!

Zak Fleming

Growing Up

Zak Fleming, originally from Ankeny IA, grew up knowing he would be an entrepreneur. It all started with him and his brother selling fruits from his parents garden in a small stand outside of the local grocery store. With candy being the priority, all of those profits ended up being spent as soon as they were earned.


Zak is an owner of Fleming Construction and oversees every aspect of the business, working as a consultant with each function within the company, and brainstorming as needed on decisions and projects. Zak believes that Fleming employees are a unique, qualified group of self-starting, individual entrepreneurs all blending their strengths together to create on amazing team.


“After trying college myself and determining real life experience was better for me, I would recommend a young person going into trades to get a job as a helper, find out what trade they are really interested in, and then get an apprenticeship and gain experience.”